Professional Service

Intervale Center Website

The Intervale Center noticed my experience with web content, design, and WordPress and asked me to help revamp their website. The site navigation and architecture were sound, but the look was very dated.

My work included:
*Developing an understanding of how the site was originally built and conducting a basic content audit
*Providing guidance on content and plugin clean-up prior to changing themes
*Recommending a new theme that would meet all of their needs — they wanted a more modern look that was mobile friendly — we chose a responsive theme that is clean, regularly updated, and has great documentation
*Implementing the new theme, adjusting layouts and content as necessary, and executing branding customizations with CS.
*Training point person at the Intervale in workings of the new theme so she can easily make changes herself in the future

Association of College and Research Libraries

Member, May 2009 – Present

College & Research Libraries News Editorial Board, Member 2015-2017

ACRL 2017 Panels Sessions Committee, Co-Chair 2015-2017

Professional Development Committee, Member 2014-2016
*Fulfill committee charge of selecting and allocating funding to annual conference programs, selecting Midwinter workshops and institutes and Annual Conference preconferences, and awarding scholarships.

ACRL 2015 Innovations Committee, Co-Chair 2013-2015
*Recruited committee members and lead all committee activities leading up to the 2015 conference

Research Planning and Review Committee, Member 2012-2014
*Contributed to 2014 ACRL Top Trends in Academic Libraries
*Wrote Technology Section of 2013 Environmental Scan

Marketing Discussion Group, Co-Convener 2012-2013
*Founding leader, created petition for establishment approved by Board in Spring 2012
*Implemented and marketed space in ALA Connect
*Recruited Co-Convener to help lead
*Planned, marketed and ran Midwinter DG Meeting

ACRL Representative to ALA Advocacy Coordinating Group, 2012-2013
*Liaised between the Coordinating Group and ACRL by attending monthly conference calls and providing reports after Midwinter and Annaul

ACRL 2013 Conference Innovations Committee, Member 2011-2013
*Committee charged with recommending to the conference chair, ACRL staff, and the other component committees innovations to enhance the benefits of the conference to attendees and general ACRL membership
*Led subgroup in charge of newly created People’s Choice Awards, a game for first time attendees, and best tweet
*Created the game in collaboration with subgroup members/ACRL liaison and was ultimately main point person on the Awards within the committee, working closely with our ACRL liaison

Marketing Academic and Research Libraries Committee (MARL), Vice-Chair 2011-2012, Member 2010-2011 (Committee disbanded in 2012 as part of ACRL restructuring)

Featured as Member of the Week in March 2012 and February 2014

Vermont Library Association

Member, January 2011 – December 2015

Assistant Webmaster, June 2014 – September 2015
*Monitor webmaster email and manage job and event postings
*Assist with basic website maintenance and updates

Ad Hoc Website Redesign Committee, January – May 2014
*Conducted a conduct audit and helped lead creation of new site architecture
*Worked with three other volunteers to select a new theme and migrate all content

Secretary, Member of Executive Committee and Board, 2011-2013
*Wrote and distributed all Board meeting minutes
*Coordinate yearly Board elections
*Contributed to Association’s WordPress website

Librarian Relief Fund Committee, 2011-2012
*Charged with distributing donations to state librarians affected by Tropical Storm Irene

Association of College and Research Libraries, New England Chapter

Member, August 2009 – October 2015

Finance Committee, Member 2014-2015

Conference Planning Committee, VT Virtual Conference Coordinator, August 2011 – May 2013
*Coordinated with the full conference committee, marketed the conference to local librarians, planned the schedule, tested necessary technology, coordinated space and catering needs, planned unconference activities for down time, monitored registrations and running event checkin-in, emceed the conference on the day, and conducted feedback surveys.

American Library Association New Members Round Table

Member, June 2008 – May 2015

Web Committee, Member 2013-2014
*Along with another team member, edit/create NMRT web content falling under the Member Services Director and Past-President
*Trained in content creation and editing ALA Drupal instance

Emerging Leader Sponsorship Selection Committee, 2012-2013
*Charged with reviewing all eligible applicants and selecting the 2013 NMRT Sponsored EL

Footnotes Committee, Editor/Chair 2012-2013, Assistant Editor/Chair 2011-2012
*See Writing & Editing page for more information

NMRT Representative to ALA Legislation Assembly, 2010-2011
*Charged with liaising between NMRT and the ALA Legislation Assembly on topics relevant to new librarians

Liaison Coordination and Support Committee, Member 2010-2011
*Responsible for coordinating and communicating with assigned liaisons to various organizations

Student and Student Chapter Outreach Committee (SASCO), Chair 2010-2011, Member 2009-2010
*Charged with raising awareness of NMRT among ALA Student Chapters
*As Chair, integrated work flows for committee member assignment to chapters and tracking communication
*Also as Chair, reinvigorated the available speaker pool and recruited volunteers
*Brought in as speaker for Student Chapter at Simmons in spring 2010

Selected as NMRT Sponsored Emerging Leader for 2012

New England Library Association

Conference Planning Committee, December 2010 – October 2011
*Vermont representative. Consulted on marketing, venues, dine-arounds and other local arrangements